Easy-to-Use Meal Planner
Here, you can plan your meals for the entire week, or even for the week after, thus staying on top of your goals for healthy eating. Planning ahead reduces stress levels and last-minute unwise decisions to eat out, order in or eat cereal (ha, guilty as charged!). Here are a few tips and tricks on how to optimize this application.

Add a Course: Currently, you see only Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. If you wish, add other mini-meals like Snacks by clicking the Add Course button. You can move Courses up and down, delete or edit by using the appropriate icons (hover over the course).
Pop-ups: Remember to disable pop-up blocker on your computer for the Save button to work!
Change Servings: When you drag a recipe into the Meal Planner, a number in parentheses, next to the recipe name, denotes number of servings. To increase or decrease (need to activate the Generate Shopping List button), simply click the recipe and change the number in the Servings box.
Generate Shopping List: Once you have dragged-dropped recipes into the Meal Planner, and changed the Servings size to your requirements, click the Generate Shopping List button. When the list of Ingredients and Quantities appear, you can click the check-box to remove an item from your shopping list or add additional ingredients using the ‘Add Ingredient’ button.
Add Group: You can add a Group by clicking this button, and drag the Group and Ingredients to any position. We like to categorize perishables and non-perishables to have an efficient trip to the grocery store.

Drag recipe to your menu:
July 16
Day 6772
July 17
Day 6773
July 18
Day 6774
July 19
Day 6775
July 20
Day 6776
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