How My Desire to Serve, Started My Wellness Journey

What makes someone start pursuing the path to Wellness? For some, it is a close encounter, for themselves or for a loved one, with a serious illness. For some, it could be an influence from their role models. For Dr. Hitesh Pandya, the reason for his path to wellness was his calling: his passion to join the United States Army. I caught up with Dr. Pandya one evening to find out what makes him tick. We talked about a little bit of everything, which I’d like to share with you.

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My Tryst with Water Colors: 100 Days and Beyond…

We have all asked the question “How can I find and follow my true calling?” Author and artist Elle Luna frames this moment as “standing at the crossroads of Should and Must”. “Should” is what we feel we ought to be doing, or what is expected of us. “Must” is the thing we dream of doing, our heart’s desire.

We get to choose between Should and Must. It’s about the difference between jobs, careers, and callings. The difference between going to work and becoming one with your work. Why knowing what you want is often the hardest part. Read Leena’s journey through her 100 days of water color challenge, as she grapples with her own ‘Should’ and ‘Must’.

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6 Key Steps To Lowering High Blood Pressure

Our modern lifestyles require us to take a totally different approach to managing high blood pressure. If you’ve failed to lower blood pressure using the more standard, traditional methods, I hope this article may help make a more significant impact. 

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Super Seeds!

We are born in Nature and only in living close to Nature are we healthy and at our best! Natural food, meaning right from the earth and unprocessed, guides us and heals us with phyto-nutrients, proper fats, anti-inflammatory agents, vitamins, minerals, water content,...

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How to make it. (Yes indeed. How?)

I have come to the conclusion that dealing with recipe writers and amateur chefs is a bit like dealing with mathematicians, tax consultants and lawyers. They kind of assume that you already know a lot, and they unleash upon you a barrage of impressive-sounding terms that mean nothing to you. And then they look at you as though you were a semi-literate imbecile. They display the arrogance of Picasso who, reportedly, once said something to the effect that if you didn’t understand his paintings, the problem was with you. Not him.

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A Teenager’s Angst – And Healing

I stood in front of the mirror and hated what looked back at me: blotchy, puffy face, ridden with acne, and a non-skinny body I did not love. I am Diya Menon, a 19-year-old* Division 1 college athlete. I’ve been playing competitive tennis since I was seven. I never...

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Organizing and De-cluttering: Your Avenue to Healthy Living

In an attempt to reduce my footprint in 2018, after years of moving, sometimes across continents, and acquiring much more than wild and memorable experiences along the way, I decided to bite the bullet and start spring cleaning and de-cluttering. As any 4-year-old would remind you, “Try it, try it, you just might like it”.

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New Year Resillusions – a tongue-in-cheek look

I have observed that the week of December 28 to January 3 is a particularly testing time for those who’re battling ‘questionable’ habits and behaviours. They make resolutions. Also, the ubiquity of social media impels them to announce to the whole, wide world that...

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