The Link Between Stomach Acid And Optimal Health

The focus of my clinical practice and work is on cardio-metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes, cholesterol disorders, heart disease, insulin resistance, etc.), so why am I talking about acidity and digestion in this post? As I started seeing patients with...

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Ginger and Turmeric Super Roots to the Rescue!

I still can’t believe that the first time I bought fresh ginger and turmeric was well into my 50’s. My mother was Polish and well, ginger and turmeric weren’t high on her list of ingredients. In fact, I can’t ever remember seeing either of them in our kitchen. Ditto...

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How I Learned to Manage Pain with the Help of Ayurveda

I was 48 years old when I woke up one spring morning with a strange pain coursing through my body. The day before, I had thought I was coming down with the flu, but on this day, I felt fine except for the odd, inexplicable pain. When it didn’t go away after a week or...

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Honey- Sweet, Sweet Healer!

It's time. Add a modern scientific affirmation to the long held healing uses of honey. Honey is considered a medicine in Ayurveda wisdom, not a food. The bees have had our back for a long time. Now...modern science concurs. Scientists have found that the "pollen in...

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Perfect Digestion is the Key – by Dr. Rhonda Egidio

If our digestion is poor, we can to make it better in 2017 and if it is good, we can make it great…or maybe even..ah-hem…perfect! Perfect digestion of food and emotions is the key goal of Ayurveda. This is achieved through a clear relationship with Nature and harmony with the underlying field of consciousness.

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Nip That Cold or Flu in the Bud – by Barbara Sinclair

I can’t remember the last cold or flu that I had (knock on wood). But that doesn’t mean that I’m just lucky, or that I have a perfect immune system. What I do have is a list of to-dos that I implement when I feel a virus coming on that almost never fail to nip that...

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Yoga to Balance Vata Dosha (by Dr. Jayaraj Alappat)

In one of my yoga classes recently I mentioned doshas - the Ayurveda path to define characters, imbalances and diseases. Doshas are the physiological constitution of an individual controlled by the contribution of universal elements - earth, water, fire, air and ether...

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Making Vigor (by Dr. Rhonda Egidio)

Greetings! Summertime . . . and the living is easy . . . (to be sung, not read 🙂 ) Michigan summers are the reward for the "character building" weather the rest of the year. Michigan is alive with sunshine - to embolden our attitude; rain - to water our gardens and...

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Heal-Thy Self (by Dr. Rhonda Egidio)

Well--gee--I never noticed this before but the word "Healthy" is made up of the words "heal" and "thy". Of course, now that I see it, it feels like finding a hidden object in a child's activity book---boom--got it! Here are some quick add-ons that don't take much time...

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